Paulo Ribeirinha

Paulo Ribeirinha
Investigador na FEUP

Management and elaboration of national and international projects
Project manager and/or researcher of the following projects:
o Hovione (Dryfast) - Development of high performance drying unit for pharmaceutical industry (2017-2020, National);
o Caetano Bus (H2-UI4PT) – Research and development of innovative technological solutions for the hybridization of an electric city bus into a new hybrid fuel cell solution for short-medium distance bus services (2018-2021, National);
o Bondalti (E-Nox) - Development of a pilot scale unit based electrochemical abatement technology that aims to offer complete reduction of NOx and N2O (2020-2023, National);
o Empower - Development of a methanol fuelled 5 kWe mini-CHP system based on HTPEMFCs technology (2020-2023, European Project);

Researcher on the additional topics:
o H2 purification by pressure swing process
o Low weight and high performance PEM stacks